Ready to get Office 365 adopted,
at scale, quickly, for real ?

Saegus gathers here its best assets,
to succeed in an agile O365 deployment.

  START my O365

Start with the most valuable
and probably unknown use cases

We will use here all the good tips and tricks we learnt from design thinking and lean startup, and customized them to fit what we considered the best way to run an Office 365 program.

Get the first successes

« Adoption is key and start before the project itself », « Unknown is where we go, so keep it tactical » our STARS approach is based on those convictions : we leave space for unexpected changes, onboard champions/ ambassadors in the earliest stages and keep them engaged with visible results after short iterations.

Get an agile product roadmap,
designed by and for your internal clients

The best way to sell a product, is to make the buyer design it. Our immersive sessions enable final users to influence directly the roadmap, supported by a central team coordinating the agile releases, sharing the core product backlog. Get anyone aware of the products evolution and roadmap as they are part of program and its success.

  ADOPT my O365

Make adoption viral

Activate ambassadors in the earliest stages, engage with champion. Our assets and approach will support spreading new usages through a network of relays.

Build your internal adoption office

A good product needs marketing, an O365 program needs an adoption office. Designed to serve, provide on demand support, and actively onboard business lines, we will provide you with organization, governance examples and agile framework which works for an O365 program.

Think sustainable, act tactical

« Form factor » is key in adoption experience, and mandatory to go viral. Our adoption coachs will use our design studio to create, update and adapt amazing support to foster tactical adoption.

  PIMP my O365

Make your O365 products even more desirable

New features are released each month in O365. Our awareness sessions will keep you updated about new usages enabled and our experts will advise whether you need to include those opportunities into your agile roadmap or not.

Tune your O365 UX/ UI

Each O365 services has its own capabilities when talking about UI/ UX. Our solutions experts will advise you with the appropriate service, while our design studio will help you take the best of it to enhance end user experience.

Activate O365 eco-system

As cloud platform, O365 is also a powerful applications market to extend out-of-box capabilities. Using PowerBI in Teams, Outlook with Flow, or PowerApps with Excel Online is first part of the journey, the second one will be to connect to external services, apps, using API or bots. Our Lab is full of demonstrators, and open to you !

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